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 September 14 & 15, 2021

University of California, Irvine (UCI) - Calit2


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Kilopass’ VP of Engineering, Michael Fliesler, to Present at The 3rd International System-on-Chip Conference about Standard CMOS Embedded Non-Volatile Memory Technology for SoC Designs November 1, Radisson Hotel, Newport Beach, California


SUNNYVALE, CA and NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Oct 18, 2005--Kilopass Technology Inc., a provider of embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) intellectual property (IP), announced today  that its VP of Engineering, Michael Fliesler, will speak at the 3rd annual System-on-Chip (SoC) Conference and Exhibit about using embedded non-volatile memory technology for standard CMOS SoC designs on Tuesday, November 1st, between 1:30pm and 4:30pm at the Radisson Hotel Newport Beach, California.  Mr. Fliesler’s talk is titled: “An embedded non-volatile memory, using standard logic CMOS, for SoC Design.” It will address SoC platforms requiring non-volatile memory for firmware code storage, configuration, encryption, or trimming of analog blocks.


“Kilopass’ leading-edge and innovative embedded non-volatile memory technology is designed to be manufactured using standard commercial CMOS processes and is targeted to the System-on-Chip (SoC), Customer Owned Tooling (COT), and Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) markets,” said Farhad Mafie, president and CEO of the Savant Company Inc and SoC Conference organizer. “We are delighted to have Kilopass present and participate in our event this year.”


“SoC design is becoming more and more about the memory, and choosing the right options,” added Charles Ng, VP of Marketing and Sales at Kilopass. “Secure embedded non-volatile memory technology that fits with standard CMOS process that are 90 nanometers and beyond, gives SoC designers a solution to consider for storing firmware and security codes on chip.”


More about the Presentation


The Kilopass presentation describes a high-density, non-volatile memory implemented in standard logic CMOS process that requires no additional masks or processing steps. The memory technology is available for several technology nodes (0.18u, 0.15u, 0.13u, 90nm) at multiple foundries. The hard macro IP blocks feature simple program and read operations. The presentation also covers the benefits, target applications and the basic design methodology needed to use this new memory IP technology for low (16 bits) to high density (up to 2Mb) embedded applications. The technology will be compared to other programmable technologies, and examples of cost and time-to-market reduction will be presented, as well as its applications to SoCs requiring embedded code storage for firmware, identification or security applications.


About the Savant’s International SoC Conferences


Savant’s International System-on-Chip Conferences and Exhibit have become one of the most important technical and informative conferences for the chip design community. Savant conferences are recognized for their highly practical, educational content and for their collaboration with major industry enablers and top academic experts. For more information about Savant Company Inc. and the SoC Conference, please visit &

About Kilopass Technology Inc.

Kilopass Technology Inc. was founded in 2001 with the mission to become the industry leader in embedded non-volatile memory technology (NVM). Kilopass Technology's Super Permanent Memory (XPM) technology can be manufactured using standard commercial CMOS processes without any modification. It can be used in a wide range of storage-capacity applications, ranging from a few bits to multiple megabits. In addition, XPM can be scaled to advanced process technologies, such as 130 and 90 nanometers. XPM is an excellent solution for electrically field-programmable code storage, embedded security keys, and IC configuration parameters. Kilopass Technology's XPM products are targeted to the advanced Customer Owned Tooling (COT) and Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) markets and are available for leading foundries and process geometries. For more information call 408-980-8808 or visit


Press Contacts:

Georgia Marszalek, ValleyPR for Kilopass, (650) 345 7477,

Charles Ng, Kilopass, (408) 980-8808 x106,

Joe Tinervia, Savant Company Inc. (949) 851-1714

XPM is a trademark of Kilopass Technology, Inc.

All other trademarks and tradenames are the property of their respective owners.






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